Aren’t all religions just the same?


Aren’t all religions just the same?

By this it is often meant that many religions have things in common, such as belief in the divine, a desire to do good and avoid evil, and respect for other human beings.

Christianity does not deny that there is truth and value in other religions. As an example, Zen Buddhism believes in five precepts as a way of governing one’s conduct. One precept states “I will respect the property of others, I will not steal.” That said, other belief systems may also have practices that are contrary to the Bible. As the Bible is God’s living word and without error, it follows that other religions cannot be the same as Christianity. Christianity uniquely claims that God came in human form to redeem fallen mankind and reconcile the human race to himself.


Ισχύει το “πίστευε και μη ερεύνα”;


Ισχύει το “πίστευε και μη ερεύνα”;

Αρχιμ. Ιωάννης Κωστώφ:

«Άνθρωποι κακοπροαίρετοι απέναντι στην Εκκλησία και τις θέσεις της, έχουν κυκλοφορήσει την άτυχη έκφραση “πίστευε και μη ερεύνα”. Η Εκκλησία ποτέ δεν δίδαξε το “πίστευε και μη ερεύνα”. Αντιθέτως, παροτρύνει να ερευνούμε τις Γραφές διότι “ἐκεῖναί εἰσιν αἱ μαρτυροῦσαι” περί του Χριστού (Ιωάννην 5, 39)».

Από το βιβλίο:

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