What is Bishop, Blessing, Cantles, Catechumen, Chant and Cherubic Hymn?



What is Bishop, Blessing, Cantles,

Catechumen, Chant and Cherubic Hymn?

What is a Bishop?

Bishop – Highest rank of clergy, possessing the fullness of Holy Orders as successor to the Apostles, and invested with Apostolic authority within his diocese (sometimes referred to as a metropolis).


What are Blessings?

Blessings – The Blessing of Christ Himself, given by Bishops and Priests to the faithful, always in the sign or form of the Cross.


What are the Cantles?

Candles – From the days of the Catacombs, Christians have accompanied their prayers with the lighting of lamps and candles, symbolizing their perpetually burning love for, and constant prayer to, our Lord Jesus Christ the “a light to enlighten the Gentiles,” (Lk 2:32) So we are called to be. (Lk 13:47)


What is a Catechumen?

Catechumen – A catechumen is one preparing for entrance into the Church, usually by baptism and chrismation. The standard period for preparation of catechumens is one liturgical year, though in ancient times it often lasted two years.


What does Chant mean?

Chant – All prayers and readings are chanted, or sung, in Orthodox Church Divine services, according to the ancient Christian tradition and teachings of the Church which says, “He who sings, prays twice.”


What is the Cherubic Hymn?

Cherubic Hymn – The Hymn which is sung at the Great Entrance reminding all present that they are standing in the place occupied by the Heavenly hosts, and that they should set aside all worldly cares to prepare for the coming of the King of Glory, since we stand mystically in the place of those who stand perpetually in God’s presence.





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