What does the Orthodox Church think of streetpreaching?



What does the Orthodox Church think of streetpreaching?

The Orthodox Church accept the streetpreaching because the Jesus Christ and His Holy Apostles done streetpreaching.

The streetpreaching is something good but the issue is what they teach! If the streetpreachers teach the Orthodox Christianity this is good. If the streetpreachers teach wrong teaches this is not good for the souls of people who hear them.

The Orthodox Church accept the streerpreaching and there are many Orthodox priests who doing streetpreaching in our days.

Many Saints of the Orthodox Church in all the centuries done streetpreaching. Also, the Saints of our days.

Some Orthodox streetpreachers are:

-Fr. Josiah Trenham, the priest of the Orthodox Church of Saint Andrew in the Riverside, California, USA: https://saintandrew.net


-Saint Daniel Sysoev in Moscow, Russia (+2009): http://orthochristian.com/117356.html

-Saint John of Santa Cruz, California, USA (+1985): https://saintsbookorthodoxy.wordpress.com/2018/07/06/37738/

-Saint Cosmas of Aetolia (Greece), Equal to the Apostles (+1779): https://iconandlight.wordpress.com/2016/08/23/saint-cosmas-of-aetolia-aitolos-equal-to-the-apostles/


-Also, all the Orthodox missionaries doing streetpreaching.


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